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Sameera Aziz Group (SAG) belongs to a progressive female Saudi media personality with 23 years of industry experience and excellent compatibility with Vision 2030.

SAG’s businesses include mass media projects and other commercial activities. This business vision’s diversification welcomes exploring new opportunities with broad-mindedness and benefits both business and society.

The companies include those involved in construction, AD agency, film production, events, import-export, publications, food, Khomaisyat discount centers, etc.

Sameera Aziz is a long-established name for her intellect & professional competence with many awards in her credit. The Sameera Aziz Group of Companies was subsequently founded by the Saudi Media Personality Sameera Aziz to heighten the salience of her media-related positive goals and to utilize her global skills in the Saudi market as a part of 21st century’s global village that modern advances in communications have shrunk.

Headquartered in Jeddah – KSA, the Sameera Aziz Ad Agency belongs to Sameera Aziz Group of Companies, with growing Agents & Agencies besides its existencece in India, Yemen & UAE.

Led by a branded name in media, Sameera Aziz, we are capable of bringing proficiency to the Art of Business. We use our creativity to explore more and more


By continuing to grow by opening more doors in business with patience and strategy, we make things possible brilliantly because we recognize our responsibility to the world, and yes, a media mind can change the world!


We are determined to move with an organized strategy. Let’s keep watching our pace, ability, strength, and the surety of a firm handshake with the associated life.

Chairperson Message

“Business is the prominent activity. For me, question in business ethics is significant and relevant to everyone because almost all of us do business, i.e., engaging in a commercial transaction almost every other day. We engage in productive activities independently or as part of other organizations. So, business activities shape our world, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. I am a Mass Media person who has had a positive goal in life since the beginning. To be engaged in a business is a great way for me to establish friendships, spread love, and promote peace. Business activity can create a more peaceful global society through cultural acceptance, mutual understanding, and positive relationships. Mass Media can be truly utilized to advocate for business and social concerns, and that’s why media people can do the business activity best”




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